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Benan Energy Breaks Ground for Production Base in Taicang, China


On January 30, 2023, Benan Energy Ltd. marked a momentous occasion to celebrate the start of construction for our new production plant in Taicang, China. Set to begin operations later this year, the new plant will amplify the manufacturing capacity of sodium-ion battery storage systems. Located at Taicang Science and Technology Industrial Park, the plant will cover over 3 hectares with a planned production capacity of 500MWh in the first phase of operations. In the following two years, the operational capacity will scale to 2GWh to further meeting the growing market demands of sodium-ion battery storage systems.


Community support for a greener future

Benan Energy has received immense support from local community leaders in their effort to fortify the importance of green energy solutions. Prior to construction, Benan Energy’s chairman and shareholder representatives held an in-depth meeting with Deputy Secretaries of the Taicang Municipal Party Committee and other members to discuss strengthening our cooperation and creating positive impact and growth.

Influential members who attended the laying of the foundation also included the President of Softbank China Capital, the Deputy Town Mayor of Chengxiang Town and employees of Benan Energy.

Benan Energy’s production plant takes full advantage of its location in the central hub of technology, industrialization and commercialization. The Taicang Science Technology Industrial Park boasts innovation and development, with companies sharing a common goal of improving the environment and society.

Pioneering green energy solutions in China and the world

Founded in 2017, Benan Energy has quickly rose to the forefront of the global green energy industry. Their team of experts stretch across the globe to oversee production bases in China, research centers in the United States and Singapore, partners in Europe and system development sites in Southeast Asia.

As the first enterprise to pioneer sodium-ion battery storage solutions in China, Benan Energy is committed to developing an alternative source of green energy to power the future and disrupting the landscape to encourage safer, cleaner and efficient energy consumption.

Creating sodium-ion battery storage systems that work

Benan Energy’s proprietary technology is powered by saltwater. By shuttling sodium-ions (from saltwater) through their battery system, energy can be stored and consumed with minimal harm to the environment. Currently, they have two batteries on the market for multiple use applications, including to power homes, commercial and industrial facilities, and in the future, big data centers.

In their latest round of development, Benan Energy has enhanced their product to make sizeable improvements. Notable adjustments include resolving the bottleneck of the storage system to increase conductivity and stabilize the units from fluctuating temperatures.

The batteries can now withstand temperature ranges down to -5C. With an updated sealing structure, corrosion-proof current collector and integrated terminal compatibility, the batteries provide a more stable connection, further improving its reliable performance.

The green energy industry has long relied on solar and wind energy. Benan Energy focuses on pushing the boundaries by introducing saltwater technology to make a bigger impact on a greener tomorrow.