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Benan Awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification from LRQA Aug 2022



Picture: (right to left) Ms. Kang Hua, Sales Director of LRQA North Asia, Mr. Zhu Huagang, Chief Product Director of BenAn Energy

BenAn Energy has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management practices, symbolizing that the company has reached high quality demanded from this renowned Standard. The certificate was presented by Ms. Kang Hua, North Asia Regional Marketing Director at LRQA.

BenAn Energy offers green and intrinsic safe aqueous sodium ion battery to energy industry, and is committed to continually creating, improving and implementing cost-effective energy storage products and services to the global world.  The award of this certificate marks the company's stepping into a high-level and standardized enterprise operation and management mode, laying the foundation for creating high-quality products.

Zhu Huagang thanks the team for this success and commented: “We took a major step to ensure that a quality management system are in place and in line with global standards.

LRQA marketing director of North Aisa, Kang Hua said: “ISO 9001 is a certification of best management practice more than QA, we are conducting a rigorous independent audit process. We are delighted for BenAn Energy.”

About LRQA: Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance is an internationally renowned certification body offering independent audit services, including certification, accreditation, verification, and training services for a wide range of standards and guidelines. It has been recognized by about 50 national accreditation boards worldwide.