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Global video watching, Inauguration of BenAn Wuxi factory


Nine o’clock, morning, Beijing time, October 13, in the city of Wuxi, China

Mr. Weechong Yeo, the Business Unit Manager of Jabil (Wuxi), started a live video broadcast for over 30 staffs from BenAn (USA), BenAn (Australia), BenAn (China) and Jabil (USA), presenting visitors the first 25MWh aqueous sodium ion battery assembly line in Jabil (Wuxi) factory. Engineers from BenAn and Jabil helped on the site with an up-close video shot and live commentary.

The line is the first highly automatic mini-line for pre-mass production of second-generation battery products of BenAn.  BenAn partners with Jabil for a battery production business through a CMA signed at the beginning of 2021. Jabil, whose history backs in 1966, is a global manufacturing company with 100 plus locations worldwide and more than 260,000 employees.  

The video broadcast officially inaugurates the BenAn Wuxi battery factory, with a total production capacity of 100MWh of aqueous sodium ion battery.