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BAP2 series



The BAP2-1264 product is the representative product of BenAn's second-generation energy storage battery. According to the 12V standard stack design, the rated capacity is 85Ah.

The BAP2 energy storage battery is a brand-new sub-cabin structure design, and the cell current collection adopts an innovative design, the cycle characteristics are more stable, and the battery has a longer design life.

The BAP2 series products are suitable for the field of industrial UPS backup power, household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and also suitable for supporting energy storage systems for wind and solar power stations.


BACB-12-4S is an energy storage system specially designed for home users, combined with a dedicated BMS for effective battery management.

BenAn household energy storage system can effectively match the photovoltaic system and inverter equipment to provide a stable and safe power supply.

The BACB series is modular in design and can be flexibly expanded to meet the energy needs of customers in different families.

The safe and clean water-based sodium salt battery is the best energy partner for the family.

High-end industrial form a complete set of energy storage system

BenAn aqueous sodium salt MWh level energy storage station, with high safety, cooperating with BMS system, provides digital support for the commercial and industrial users。

BenAn aqueous sodium salt high safety energy storage system, especially suitable for the energy storage station layout requirements of the urban personnel dense regions, the system not only can undertake interior decoration, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, stadiums, etc., but also is suitable for the industrial park, like the chemical industrial park with high security requirements.

BenAn aqueous sodium salt high safety energy storage system is a kind of energy storage system design which adapts to long-term discharge. Because of the optimization of life cycle cost considerations, this system can meet for a longer time application.