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Company profile

BenAn Energy, founded in 2017, is a high-technology multinational enterprise dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of Saltwater based energy storages. As a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, it´s our mission and uncompromising commitment, providing premier energy storage solutions that are safe, sustainable and persistent - with the highest performance and quality standards.

BenAn Energy has engineering and scientific teams located in Singapore, China and the United States to carry out the development and service of clean energy provisions worldwide.

The company continuously drives initiatives to advocate a green circular economy. Within our business model, we strive to produce responsibly, maintain supply chain transparency and create a sustainability driven model for the company. BenAn Energy works exclusively with partners who share the same values and recognized as prime manufacturers. We cater services that contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society and apply them to our own business activities in order to achieve our goal of net zero CO2 emissions.

BenAn Energy currently has more than 50 employees from different cultural backgrounds, countries and regions. Cultural diversity and inclusivity are the companies core values and the source of our innovation capabilities.

Development path


BenAn Energy was established by Chinese and American R&D teams, realizing global presence and successfully developing and designing the first generation of green inorganic (aqueous) sodium salt batteries.


BenAn Energy completed the first assembly line with an annual output of 20MWh in Shanghai, China.


BenAn's first-generation inorganic (aqueous) sodium salt battery products rolled off the production line and passed the UL1973 safety test, achieving MWh sales in the European household energy storage market.


the first generation of high-safety series of inorganic (aqueous) sodium salt battery products will be launched, entering the power company and other industrial professional fields, and achieving sales.

BenAn Energy successfully developed the second-generation inorganic (aqueous) sodium salt battery products.


BenAn Energy plans to build a production base in Jiangsu, China, to expand production, expand product sales and supply, and expand application areas.