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BenAn Energy is committed to the basic research of inorganic (aqueous) sodium salt batteries, leading the world in the research and development of battery products. Currently, it has a large number of independent intellectual property rights and patented technologies, and continues to invest, continue to improve performance, achieve technology leadership, and continue to pay attention The market highlights customer care.

High performance

Long cycle life

Energy conversion efficiency>90%

Very high tolerance to harsh working conditions

Maintenance-free battery


Low investment and operation and maintenance costs

The system integration cost is low, and the auxiliary equipment is few (no need for fire and explosion protection) 

Economic levelized cost per kilowatt hour LCOS, long-term energy storage solution

Excellent safety

Battery suitable for air transportation

No fire, explosion, corrosion and other hazards

Adapt to floating charging conditions, overcharge and overdischarge

No thermal imbalance, no need for heat management

Sustainable development

Life cycle non-toxic/harmless/non-corrosive materials

Normal garbage recycling after use

No special requirements in the manufacturing process 

100% non-toxic and non-polluting